The Howard University Transportation Safety and Data Center (HUTRC) conducts research to save lives, time, and money and protect the environment. As one of the several research centers at Howard University that provides solutions to national and local challenges, HUTRC has been continually advancing transportation through innovation and has impacted public safety on local and national levels.

HUTRC has effected significant change in roadway safety, especially in the District of Columbia by providing support for the District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT’s) Safety Team in terms of safety assessments, roadway and infrastructure changes, as well as driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety.

HUTRC has assembled a highly qualified team of engineering faculty, professionals and students to support our goal of making providing easy access to DC traffic and transportation data, conducting safety assessments, and supporting DDOT in their research endeavors. The Center also collaborates with several universities in the District and beyond the region in order to expand and strengthen its capabilities.

Our primary goal is to collect, maintain and conduct analysis of transportation/traffic data including to support the needs of DDOT and other agencies.


Some of the tasks undertaken by the Center include:
  • Traffic Volume Counts and Speed Studies

  • Annual Crash Statistics Reporting

  • Annual Seatbelt Usage Reporting

  • Customized Crash Data Reporting

  • Traffic Access and Circulation Impact Analysis

  •  Evaluation of Effectiveness of Safety Improvements/ Traffic Calming Implementation

  • Analysis of Weight-In-Motion (WIM) Data

  • Crash Data Analysis

  • Traffic Calming Assessments

  • Traffic Safety Assessments

  • Evaluation Studies

  • Performance Measures

  • Special Transportation Engineering Studies



Traffic data such as Corridor Counts, Turning Movement Counts and Crash Data are available to the public through our 3 modules from Midwestern Software Solutions (MS2).

  1. Traffic Count Database System (TCDS): stores corridor traffic volume counts and speed studies conducted in DC.

  2. Turning Movement Count (TMC): stores various volume studies performed at diverse intersections in DC.

  3. Traffic Crash Location System (TCLS) stores data regarding crash events that took place in DC.






HUTRC has prepared diverse reports throughout the years. These include the Annual Crash Statistics Report (for all vehicles), Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Crash Statistics Report and the Speeding Characteristics Report.