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The Howard University Transportation Research Center (HUTRC) was established in the Civil Engineering Department to lead interdisciplinary urban transportation research in Washington, DC. The Center seeks the mutual interest of the University and its sponsors. Since 1998, HUTRC has embarked upon research, training, and outreach in areas such as transportation policy, management, economics, law, as well as engineering.


Howard University works with a consortium of colleges and universities to supplement their engineering expertise, professional skills, and research capabilities. The university also engages consultants with a history of transportation research specialties. The HUTRC is cognizant of the need to collaborate with other universities and consultants to meet the center’s goal of:


·         Providing the highest quality of service to its partners and the community

·      Providing safe, economically efficient, and environmentally sustainable solutions to meet the transportation needs of the District.


The center welcomes opportunities to work with other universities, transportation centers, and transportation agencies. For more information, please contact us via email at or phone (202) 806-9135




You can find our Title VI form here.

Non Discrimination Notice to Public


HUTRC participates in a variety of studies that impact neighborhoods, the environment and economic development in the District. The HUTRC team uses tools for statistical analysis, mapping and spatial analysis, transportation-network modeling and transportation data management. The Staff is supplemented by a varying number of graduate and undergraduate Students from Howard University and other colleges and universities throughout the metropolitan region.

Stephen Arhin, Ph.D., P.E., PTOE, PMP, CRA

Interim Chair and full Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of Howard University.

He has over 20 years of experience in all facets of transportation and traffic safety engineering that include traffic safety and operations, research, planning, transit operations and ITS. He has extensive experience working with state and local transportation agencies on a wide variety of safety, operations, and design projects.

Errol Noel, Ph.D., P.E, F.ASCE

Executive Director 
Tenured full professor and Chair (2000-2010) of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Howard University. In addition, he is director for Transportation Research Center and responsible for Transit research conducted by Howard University as a member of the Mineta National Transit Research Consortium. 


Babin Manandhar

Research Engineer

Degree: M. Eg. in Civil Engineering, Howard University
Research Interests: Traffic Safety, Highway Design, Transportation Systems, Transportation Planning, Transit Oriented Development, Statistical Analysis

2017-06-06 10.37.37 1.jpg

Richa Lamsal

Research Assistant

Degree: MBA, Howard University
Research Interests: Traffic Safety, Green and Sustainable Technology, Environmental Engineering, Graphic Design


Marilyn Oliva-Rivas

Research Assistant

Degree: B.S. Political Science, Trinity University
Research Interests: Transportation Safety, Transportation Planning, Sustainability and Environmental Engineering


Nripendra Pradhan

Research Engineer

Degree: M.S. in Civil Engineering, McNeese State University
Research Interests: Transportation  Infrastructure Safety, Operations Research Applications to Freight Transportation Planning, Sustainability and Environmental Engineering


Mustapha Atolagbe

Research Assistant

Degree: B.S. Information Technology, American Intercontinental University
Research Interests: Network Administration, Transportation Safety, Transportation Planning, Sustainability and Environmental Engineering

HUTRC Headshot - Alex Myrie.png

Alexander Myrie

Research Assistant 

Degree: M.Eng. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland
Research Interests: Traffic Engineering, Highway Design, Traffic Operations Analysis, Traffic Impact Studies, Transportation Planning


Birat Rijal

Graduate Student 

Degree: MS in Civil Engineering, Howard University
Research Interests: Intelligent Transportation Systems, Highway Design, Traffic Safety and Design, Transportation Planning.


Camera Installation at Intersection

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