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University Transportation Center Press Release

The U.S. Department of Transportation selected Howard University (via the Transportation Research Center - HUTRC) to lead a Tier 1 University Transportation Center (UTC). The Center has members comprising of San Jose State University, the University of Maryland, and the University of Las Vegas at Nevada. This is the first time Howard University has been selected as a lead University in the 36-year-old transportation research program. HUTRC’s theme is Research and Education in Promoting Safety, which will focus on all aspects of transportation safety.

The Tier-1 Center for Promoting Safety will receive $2 million per year for five years and is one of only twenty awarded Tier-1 Centers. The Center will focus on promoting safety for all transportation modes and provide educational opportunities, particularly for underrepresented students.

In addition, HUTRC’s collaboration with the following leading universities was also successful with the following UTC awards:

· Regional UTC- Morgan State University ($3 million/year)

· Tier 1- San Jose State University ($2 million/year)

· Tier 1- University of Texas Arlington ($2 million/year)

Dr. Stephen Arhin, Professor and Interim Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department will serve as the Center Director. “I am thrilled that these awards have put HUTRC’s long-held expertise in transportation education and research on the national stage,” said Dr. Stephen Arhin. “Howard University and the team’s technical expertise, coupled with the transformative outlook on safety using new and innovative technologies will promote safety through research and education of our future leaders over the next five years and beyond.”

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