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ARPA-I Summit

UTC Director Dr. Stephen Arhin Invited to the Launch of ARPA-I Initiative at the White House


The Howard University Tier-1 UTC Director, Dr. Stephen Arhin, was invited to attend the launch of the White House and Office of the Secretary of Transportation's launch of the Advanced Research Projects Agency - Infrastructure (ARPA-I) initiative.


America needs transportation that is safe, secure, efficient, and resilient while achieving net-zero emissions and increasing equity and access to mobility for all. Delivering that vision will require bold new investments in advanced and emerging materials, structures, components, systems, and capabilities – both physical and digital – that have the potential to radically transform our transportation infrastructure. 
Adapting the successful innovation model pioneered by DARPA and ARPA-E, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) 
is accelerating the future of America’s transportation systems by launching the

Advanced Research Projects Agency - Infrastructure (ARPA-I). As a newly designated agency, ARPA-I will fund high-risk, high-reward next-generation transportation technologies that will maintain America’s position as a global leader in the sector.

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